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USPRESSCORPS.ORG is a core of photographers and Journalists that provide comprehensive coverage of events directly to news outlets for distribution. USPRESSCORPS.ORG members can be members of media organizations or freelancers. USPRESSCORPS.ORG members are provided with the Press Credentials they need to gain access to Sports, Entertainment and Breaking News events through the toughest barriers, gates and doors.

Fact-based, well-documented, unbiased press coverage may be more important today than almost any time in history. With major newspapers and magazines folding monthly and others cutting publishing schedules there is soon going to be vacuum to be filled. Also, the mainstream media is either left or right leaning and true journalism seems to be in jeopardy if not totally disappearing. This could create an opening for a ground swell of candid and truthful reporting outside the mainstream media. Also mainstream media seem to be mesmerized on issues of the day whether left or right and other important news events are left unreported. USPRESSCORPS.ORG is prepared to cover that gap.

Breaking news knows no borders and is most often unpredictable. Traditional news gathering institutions, such as newspapers and broadcast media, simply cannot station correspondents in each city, town and hamlet in every country of the world waiting for news to break. American Image Press already has nearly 80,000 correspondents in 144 countries who live and work in the most populated and unpopulated regions imaginable. They are on stand-by, ready and willing to capture news the instant it breaks AND have the capacity to get it to international print and electronic media for immediate release through daily, weekly and monthly newscasts or publications.

USPRESSCORPS.ORG photographers and journalists submit their work to many, many media outlets internationally including Today's Photographer International magazine, NBC News, MBC News, Breaking News TV, The Fiji Sun USA, Crossroads Motorcycle, Al/Fl Thunder Roads, Easyriders, BIKER, and In the Wind Biker magazines. These same reporters also submit work to many other local and international newspapers, TV stations, book publishers and more -- every day throughout the world.

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