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AI NEWS Service UNIVERSAL Press Credentials Program*

Issued and Supported by American International (AI) News Service and backed-up by Today's Photographer International Magazine and the International Freelance Photographers Organization (IFPO)

*Recommended for Veteran Press Photographers and Journalists

YOUR Package of CREDENTIALS and Back-Up:

  • A.I. News Service Press Passport
  • Press Badge Card I.D. (Hard Card) and Lanyard.
  • Press Wallet I.D. (Hard Card)
  • Hard Cards are made from the highest quality PVC material just like your Driver's License or Credit Cards. Your photo is manufactured into the cards.
  • Lamainated Badge and Wallet Card with Lanyard.
  • High Security Arm Band
  • High Security Coded Auto Press Dash Placard
  • American Internatioinal News Service Embroidered 3" Patch
  • Official Letter of Certification placing you on assignment for A.I. News Service.
  • Press Assignment Verification on the Internet.
  • Press Assignment Request Form and How to Use Your Press Credentials.
  • Credentials come fully assembled and ready-to-use.
  • Email your photo as an attachment to with your name in the subject line. Almost any photo will do. We can crop, re-size and mask backgrounds.
  • Proven and Accepted in USA and 139 other Countries World-Wide.
  • 30 Years Experience Opening Toughest Barriers, Gates and Doors.
  • A+ Highest Better Business Bureau Rating.

Enrollment Code: UNIV-W (IFPO Membership Required)


$199.00..#UNIV-W..UNIVERSAL PRESS CREDENTIALS (Issued for 3 years)
$. 9.00..#SHIP....USA Shipping (or $24.75 USD Foreign Shipping)

Use the ON-LINE, PAYPAL or PRINTER ENROLLMENT FORMS or call TOLL FREE 1-800-654-9557 with your credit card.

AI News Service Universal Issuing information:

  • Meets requirements for major events concerned with high security risks.
  • Is secured to protect AI News Correspondents from identity theft.
  • Keeps the successful design and content of the AI News credentials safer from the "wanna be upstarts" who plan to succeed by copying our highly reputable program.

The AI News Universal Press Cards

  • HIGH SECURITY Press Credentials are vital to gaining access in extremely tough situations where credentials are scrutinized for every piece of validating information by uniformed officials in law enforcement, security, military, customs and others.
  • CLASSIFICATION is based on a range of publishing credits starting at A for yet-to-be published photographers extending to AAAA for those published frequently.
  • EXPIRATION DATE: AI credentials are issued for 3 years. Credentials more than three years old are considered to be expired. Access is usually denied if the photos are outdated. AI Press Correspondents may renew and receive all new credentials every 3 years at a discounted fee of at least 50% of the original fee for the next 3 years.
  • EACH AI NEWS Photographer or Journalist receives a 9 Part Bundle of high security credentials designed for visual impact plus instructions for assembly, use and operation of the Internet Assignment Verification site.

AI News Service Universal Press Credentials:

  • Places you on assignment for American International (AI) News Service
  • Backs you up with a news service in addition to Today's Photographer Magazine.
  • Arms you with the most complete state of the art press package ever issued by IFPO.
  • Results from more than 25 years of feedback from IFPO press photographers/journalists in the field.
  • Have a success rate of more than 90% for all kind of events around the world.
  • Are available to IFPO members only. Lifetime Membership is open to everyone for only $81.
  • Is widely used by press photographers and journalists who submit their work to numerous media outletsin the U.S. and around the world.



QUESTIONS? EMAIL Vonda Blackburn or call me at 1-800-654-9557

Photographers and Journalists choose their own assignments. Most of the time you can arrive at the press gate 30 minutes prior to a event, show your credentials and pass through. For high profile events, the editors at A.I. News Service will write letters of assignment or submit applications on your behalf to help you gain access.

American International A.I. News Service Credentials consist of the A.I. Universal Press Credentials and 4 Supporting Certifications:



These Supporting Certifications can add significant clout when used with the A.I. Universal Credentials oir can be used on their own.

With IFPO and the American International News Service Press Program my media connection has been unlimited."

Roscoe Farmer, IFPO Member Since 1988

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