Cover Date: September 2001

Members Published in this issue:
Luis Filipe B.Albuquerque, Viseu, Portugal
Keith Cephus, Virginia Beach, VA
Bennet Cohen, Linden, NJ
George W. Cotter, Seymour, TN
John P. Derby, Goffstown, NH
Ryan A DesJardin, Pullman, WA
Brian Emch, Lancaster, CA
Ostelinda Guncet, Miami, FL
Ilana Ben Harav, Lexington, MA
John R. Hensley, Yakima, WA
Dennis Hodges, Kansas City, MO
Gottfried A Kappelmeier, Norcross, GA
James Lytle, Oswego, NY
Cinderella Morff, Lohman, MO
Claudia Murray, Jamestown, NC
Jonh Noel, Austin, TX
John Nugent, Rio Rancho, NM
David Oliver, Reston, VA
Bruce Salisbury, Jr., Oneonta, NY
Scott D. Smith, Littleton, CO
Cary P Thrasher, Phoenix, AZ
Beth VanHorn, Selinsgrove, PA
Scott Williams, Chicago, IL
Joyce Wtikovic, Newport, NH

Members Continued Below:
Mailed to Members: August 2001
On-Sale Date: September 2001
4 Advertising Commands Attention
By Dennis Hodges
7 Book Reviews
8 Go After an Assignment and Make It Pay
John Nugent
14 Winning Strategies
Is Shooting Freelance at A Crossroads?
By David Oliver
17 IFPO Membership & Program Directory
20 How to Shoot Weddings with Flair
By Keith Cephus and Ilana Ben Harav
32 Shooting Tips
The Difference Between Big Money and Losing the Job
By Gary Bernstein
How to Photograph Families with LOVE!
By Monte Zucker
34 How to Capture Legends in Action
By Bruce Salisbury, Jr.
38 Annual Photo Contest Winners
38 Monthly Photo Contest Winners
55 Photo Contest Rules
On the Cover: Flying Over
Certificate Winner
February Photo Contest
Cinderella Morff, Lohman, MO
2 At the Foot of the Stage
By Cary P. Thrasher
26 NCAA Football:
Bennet Cohen
41 The Horror Master Rocks the House!
By Scott D. Smith

MORE Members Published in this issue:

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