Cover Date: March 2001

Members Published in this issue:
Xamilia Alston, Chesapeake, VA
Mark Anderson, Alexandria, MN
Randy Barrington, Clay, NY
Jim Bequette, Cape Girardeau, MO
Vincent Brown, New York, NY
Dani Clark, May, MI
V. A. Docktorow, Winnipeg, Manitoba
C. L. Clough, Milford, NJ
Brian Emch, Lancaster, CA
Justin Fatuzzo, Fair Lawn, NJ
Mari Green, Kansas City, KS
Ari Ben Harav, Lexington, MA
Connie Harvey, Manchester, NH
Dennis Hodges, Kansas City, MO
Jim Hujanen, Ucklum Sweden
Kim Won Ik, Inchon City, South Korea
Janelle Jones, Bethpage, NY
Gottfried A Kappelmeier, Norcross, GA

Members Continued Below:
Mailed to Members: February 2001
On-Sale Date: March 2001
4 Contest Wins Sets Off Avalanche of Winners
5 Patience Pays Off -- Big Time By Jim Bequette
7 Book Reviews
8 What's New for Press Photographers? TPI Editors
9 How to Get Published on the Internet By Mari Green
14 Winning Strategies
3 Point Plan For Shooting Tennis By Rob Mosier
18 7 Tips for Shooting Promotional Photos
By Dennis Hodges
32 Shoot Politicians: Increase Wedding Sales
By Ari Ben Harav
Printing Great Photos Just Got Easier
38 Your Photos Will Sell By Meir Shapira
39 Shooting Stars Weds Two Loves! By Dave Rudin
43 Portfolio Shoot Pays Off ... Twice By Michael Stanich
45 Photo Contest Winners
55 Photo Contest Rules
On the Cover: Horseshoe Lake by Jim Bequette
3 The New York Film Premiere Scene
By Dave Rudin
14 Tennis Stars in Indianapolis
By Janelle Jones
17 Inside the Gore Campaign
By Sanford S. Rooks
26 St. Louis Cardinals By Richard Ressman;
Back Drop for Peace By Kim Won Ik; Pro Football By John L. Lewis III
27 Entertainment: Poison By Randy Barrington;
Boxing Promoter, Don King By Dave Rudin;
MTV Music Video Awards 2000 By Vincent Brown
36 How I Captured The Survivor ... Rudy
By Swanita Xamilia Alston
41 The Super Bowl of Harness Racing
By Justin Fatuzzo

MORE Members Published in this issue:

Kwon Moon Auk, Inchon City, Korea
Ken Axmake, Jr., Memphis, TN
Keith Cephus, Virginia Beach, VA
Dwight Ellefsen, Villa Park, IL
Thomas A. Foley, Oxford, ME
J. Jefferson Gardner, Midlothian, VA
Dennis Hodges, Kansas City, MO
Ken Jorgensen, Glenview, IL
Kendall Krebs, Pella, IA
David C. Oliver, Reston, VA
Paolo Pedicelli, Montreal, PQ Canada
Dennis Stephens, Jamaica, W. Indies

John L. Lewis III, Kansas City, MO
Rob Mosier, Ft Wright, KY
Cinderella Morff, Lohman, MO
Claudia Murray, Jamestown, NC
Ron Pradetto, Jacobsburg, OH
Frank Randolph, Juncton, TX
Richard Ressman, Chicago, IL
Sanford S. Rooks, Jacksonville, FL
Dave Rudin, Brooklyn, NY
Meir Shapira, Even-Yehuda, Israel
Michael Stanich, Whiting, IN
Sue Stefusin, Venetia, PA
Marjorie L Thouin, Belchertown, MA

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