Cover Date: March 2000

Members Published in this issue:
Salem M. Al-Marri, State of Qatar IFPO #59505
Martin Bader, Arlington, VA IFPO #49134
Linda Baylor, Great Meadows, NY IFPO #00391
Carleen Bragg, Chicago IL, IFPO #67191
Vincent Kevin Brown, New York, NY IFPO #44444
N. Garrett Chan, Honolulu, HI IFPO #60520
Kim Hee Chul, Rep. South Korea IFPO #57737
Tim Cohen, Elwyn PA IFPO #47855
Oscar B. Corona, Cebu City, Philippines IFPO #62265
Brian Emch, Lancaster, CA IFPO #50234
David Fink, Aurora, IN IFPO #59842
Leo Gendelberg, Brooklyn, NY IFPO #64510
Kathy L. Glasgow, Lawrence, KS IFPO # 67509
David Hamilton, Washington, DC IFPO #21408
Dennis Hodges, Kansas City, KS IFPO #27767
Margaret Hunter, Spokane, WA IFPO #64045
Nestor A Hurtado, Brooklyn, NY IFPO #52709
Janelle Jones, Bethpage, NY IFPO #66979
G. A. Kappelmeier, Norcross, GA IFPO #16026

Members Continued Below:
Mailed to Members: January 2000
On-Sale Date: January 2000


Photos That Sell Again and Again
IFPO Contributors Jim Murphy, Rod Schmidt, Margaret Hunter
What Are Photographers' Rights? By Dennis Hodges
Short Cuts to CASH! By Dennis Hodges
How To Beat the Competition in Fashion Photography By Leo Gendelberg
Protect Your Film From New Airport Scanners, By N. Garrett Chan
SPORTS Coverage Day by Day at Road America By Kendall K. Krebs
Book Reviews
How I Sold 12 Photos of an Unseen Location, By Kathie Spiss
Photo Contest Winners
On the Cover: On The Border of Kosovo
By Salem M. Al-Marri, IFPO Photojournalist


Covering the 1999 F1 Grand Prix in Sepang, By Mohd Zain Abdul Azis
The Superbowl of Country Music, By James W. Metcalf
51st Annual Prime Time Emmy Awards, By George G Barney
WTO Battle in Seattle By Jeff Lacher
NYC Mayor Rudolph Guiliani By Ben Harav
53 International Sports:
Petronas Malaysian Grand Prix By Alan Siu
Basketball Giants By Michael J. Popp
Hockey - Madison Square Garden By Vincent Brown

MORE Members Published in this issue:

John Kaufmann, Boca Raton, FL IFPO # 65772
William V. Kimbro, Lafayette, IN IFPO # 56391
Kendall K. Krebs, Pella, IA IFPO #40974
Brian McKay, APO, AP IFPO #63984
Michael Phillips, Shelbyville, TX IFPO #66524
Blanche Pressley, Claremont, NC, IFPO #38865
E. Nelson Rees, Jr., New Port Richey, FL IFPO #31297
Edwin Rowland, Miami, FL IFPO #22789
Rod Schmidt, Witchata, KS IFPO #53749
Yoon Jun Seop, Rep. South Korea IFPO #32158
Tom Smorch, Prospect, IL IFPO #64083
Kathie Spiss, Tucson, AZ IFPO #63003
John E. Tassi, Carver, MA IFPO #62834
Albert Van den Bogaard, Washington, DC IFPO #66974
Kim Jae Young, Rep. South Korea IFPO #33163
Kwon Moon Auk, Inchon City, Korea IFPO Member #11304
Ken Axmake, Jr., Memphis, TN IFPO Member #62876
Keith Cephus, Virginia Beach, VA IFPO Member #25379
Dwight Ellefsen, Villa Park, IL IFPO Member #47182
Thomas A. Foley, Oxford, ME IFPO Member #44172
J. Jefferson Gardner, Midlothian, VA IFPO Member #19343
Dennis Hodges, Kansas City, MO IFPO Member #27767
Ken Jorgensen, Glenview, IL IFPO Member #57234
Kendall Krebs, Pella, IA IFPO Member #40974
David C. Oliver, Reston, VA Member #41111
Paolo Pedicelli, Montreal, PQ Member #42271
Dennis Stephens, Jamaica, W. Indies IFPO Member #19277

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