Cover Date: March 2000

Members Published in this issue:
Mohd Zain Abdul Azis Singapore IFPO #35504
George G. Barney, Los Angeles, CA IFPO #49669
Vincent Kevin Brown, New York, NY IFPO #44444
Deneen M. Chiaino, Plainview, NY IFPO #16894
Ben Harav, Lexington, MA IFPO #67405
John R. Hensley, Yakima, WA IFPO #59109
Carolyn Jennings, Sardinia, OH IFPO #56697
G. A. Kappelmeier, Norcross, GA IFPO #16026
Jeff Lacher, Tacoma,WA IFPO#55115
Julie Rae Maxwell, Richfield, MN IFPO #65576
Wayne Menicucci, Santa Rosa, CA IFPO #58920
James W. Metcalf, New Philadelphia, OH IFPO #00114
Robert Miller, Seattle Washington, IFPO #53863
Ron Newcomer,Greensburg, PA 37518
John W. O'Connor, Sr. Bainbridge, NY IFPO #
David Oliver, Reston, VA IFPO #41111
Michael J. Popp, Indianapolis, IN IFPO #67516
Peter Potter, East Aurora, NY IFPO# 37405
Alan Siu, Hong Kong IFPO #54297
Catherine Skrinak, Middletown, PA IFPO #55444
Trudy Vincent, King of Prussia, PA IFPO #65401

Members Continued Below:
Mailed to Members: January 2000
On-Sale Date: January 2000


Make Big Time Events Close to Home Pay Big, By David Oliver
Use Your Computer To Promote Models and Your Business, By Robert Miller
Quality Photographic Prints From Your Digital Camera, By TPI Editors
Winning Strategies
Capturing Speed and Freezing Action, By Peter Potter
Book Reviews
Two Photographers Tell How To Move Up, By Catherine Skrinak and John W. O'Connor Sr.
World's Largest Photo Competition
Photo Contest Winners
Photo Contest Rules and Entry Forms
On the Cover: F. I. A. F1 Constructors World Champions Forza Ferrari!
By Mohd Zain Abdul Azis, IFPO Press Photographer


Covering the 1999 F1 Grand Prix in Sepang, By Mohd Zain Abdul Azis
The Superbowl of Country Music, By James W. Metcalf
51st Annual Prime Time Emmy Awards, By George G Barney
WTO Battle in Seattle By Jeff Lacher
NYC Mayor Rudolph Guiliani By Ben Harav
53 International Sports:
Petronas Malaysian Grand Prix By Alan Siu
Basketball Giants By Michael J. Popp
Hockey - Madison Square Garden By Vincent Brown

MORE Members Published in this issue:

Kwon Moon Auk, Inchon City, Korea IFPO Member #11304
Ken Axmake, Jr., Memphis, TN IFPO Member #62876
Keith Cephus, Virginia Beach, VA IFPO Member #25379
Dwight Ellefsen, Villa Park, IL IFPO Member #47182
Thomas A. Foley, Oxford, ME IFPO Member #44172
J. Jefferson Gardner, Midlothian, VA IFPO Member #19343
Dennis Hodges, Kansas City, MO IFPO Member #27767
Ken Jorgensen, Glenview, IL IFPO Member #57234
Kendall Krebs, Pella, IA IFPO Member #40974
David C. Oliver, Reston, VA Member #41111
Paolo Pedicelli, Montreal, PQ Member #42271
Dennis Stephens, Jamaica, W. Indies IFPO Member #19277

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