Cover Date: December 2000

Members Published in this issue:
Remelle E. Adams, Philadelphia, PA
Luis Filipe Barros Albuquerque, Viseu, Portugal
Xamilia Alston, Chesapeake, VA
T. D. Assimakdis, Lake Buena Vista, FL
Kwon Moon Auk, Inchon City, Korea
Vincent Brown, New York, NY
Dorothy R. Burke, Pittsgrove, NJ
Mose cochran, USNS Patuxent
Bennet Cohen, Linden, NJ
Dave Crosslin, Dadeville, AL
Brian Emch, Lancaster, CA
Cheryl Engel, Minneapolis, MN
Ostelinda Guncet, Miami, FL
Hildonen, Lisbon Falls, ME
Thomas Hilliker, Phoenix, AZ
Dennis Hodges, Kansas City, MO
Thurman James, Pittsburgh, CA
Gottfried A Kappelmeier, Norcross, GA
Kendall Krebs, Pella, Iowa
Dwight, Kreich, Sarasota, FL
Donald Morant, Holbrook, NY
Barry Myers, Ransom Canyon, TX
Mac Norfleet, Pembroke, KY,
John O'Connor, Bronx, NY
E. Nelson BOB Rees, Jr., New Port Richey, FL
J. Wm. Riter, Black Creek, BC
Anthony Santore, Vienna, VA
Mark Spatafora, Franklin Square, NY
De Hou Yang, Wheaton, MD

Members Continued Below:
Mailed to Members: August 2000
On-Sale Date: September 2000


4 How To Beat the Challenges of Concert Photography
By Mac Norfleet
7 Book Reviews
8 What Every Press Photographer Should Know
How to Get Foreign Press Credentials By John O'Connor
The Real Truth About Pro Sports By Joe Canzio
9 What's New? TPI Editors
The Keys to Long Term Sales By John O'Connor
14 Winning Strategies
Up Close at the Inaugural Road America 500
By Kendall Krebs
18 CASH IN on Industrial Photography
By J. Wm Ritter
Model Releases for Public Figures? By Dennis Hodges
What's New on the Market?
36 New, Hot and Fan Friendly Sport
By John Canzio
41 I Made $8,000 in 2 Months By Xamilia Alston
45 Photo Contest Winners
55 Photo Contest Rules
On the Cover: Dorothy R. Burke, John O'Connor, J. Wm


3 North and South Korean Summit
By Kwon Moon Auk
17 Shoot the Stars for Fun and Cash
By Mark Spatafora
26 In the News By Vincent Brown; On the Turf By Bennet Cohen; The Belmont Stakes By Donald Morant
27 Sports: Adelphi Indy 2000 By T. D. Assimakidis; Tampa Bay Buccaneers By E. Nelson BOB Rees; USPRO Cycling By Dorothy R. Burke
41 Internet Verification Paid Off By Dave Crosslin

MORE Members Published in this issue:

Kwon Moon Auk, Inchon City, Korea
Ken Axmake, Jr., Memphis, TN
Keith Cephus, Virginia Beach, VA
Dwight Ellefsen, Villa Park, IL
Thomas A. Foley, Oxford, ME
J. Jefferson Gardner, Midlothian, VA
Dennis Hodges, Kansas City, MO
Ken Jorgensen, Glenview, IL
Kendall Krebs, Pella, IA
David C. Oliver, Reston, VA
Paolo Pedicelli, Montreal, PQ Canada
Dennis Stephens, Jamaica, W. Indies IFPO Member #19277

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