Cover Date: December 1999

Members Published in this issue:
John Allen, Belmont, MA IFPO #48412
Jim Bequette, Cape Girardeau, MO IFPO #58085
Young Choi, Charlotte, NC IFPO #36905
Carlos A. Davila, Hampton, VA IFPO #43140
Herman "Skip" Davis, Milwaukee, WI IFPO #66645
Francis Joseph Dean, Kastrup, Denmark IFPO #00128
Henry Despres, Bay Shore, NY IFPO #30754
Ron Dumas, Salah, WA IFPO #65876
Stephen Dye, Roanoke, VA IFPO #63379
Luis F. Garcia, Sunnyvale, CA IFPO #04903
J. Jefferson Gardner, Richmond, VA IFPO #19343
L. C. Grubb, Tucson, AZ IFPO #07031
Dennis Hodges, Kansas City, KS IFPO #27767
Jim Knipp, Lafayette, IN IFPO #63506
Donald Millsap, Hallsville, TX IFPO #48354
Donald Morant, Holbrook, NY IFPO #60501
Jay O'Brien, Philadelphia, PA IFPO #19134
Joanne Rounsaville, Bonita Springs, FL IFPO #32867
Bob Sevilla, Huntington Beach, CA IFPO #66162
Lawrence Spazafumo, Jacksonville, NC IFPO #65731
Dennis Stephens, Gregory Park Jamaica IFPO #19277
Keith L. Waldrum, Dallas, TX IFPO #61132
Clinton Wallace, Kt., Beverly Hills, CA IFPO #48243

Members Continued Below:
Mailed to Members: October 1999
On-Sale Date: October 1999
My Project Paid Over $2000 By Henry Depres
3 Photograpehrs Tell How to Make REAL CASH
Shoot Sports Actions Photos That Sell By Bob Sevilla
Shoot An Historical Event FOR PROFIT By Carlos A. Davila
Turn Your Passion INTO CASH By L. C. Grubb
Behind the Scenes: A Portfolio for Miss Missouri By Dennis Hodges
The 131st Running of the Belmont By Donald Morant
Book Reviews
1999 PHOTO CONTEST Winners
Spectrum '' 98 Winners
On the Cover: Miss Missouri 1999 Terri Bolinger photo by Dennis Hodges, IFPO
Jamaica''s National Stadium By Dennis Stephens
Belmont Park Day By Donald Morant
Boston's Last Marathon of the Century By John Allen
Photo Expedition to China By Luis Garcia
IFPO Members At:
Summerfest '99
Senior PGA Tour at Piper Glen
The Redskins versus Giants
The 1999 Grammy Awards By Clinton H. Wallace Kt

MORE Members Published in this issue:

Kwon Moon Auk, Inchon City, Korea IFPO Member #11304
Ken Axmake, Jr., Memphis, TN IFPO Member #62876
Keith Cephus, Virginia Beach, VA IFPO Member #25379
Dwight Ellefsen, Villa Park, IL IFPO Member #47182
Thomas A. Foley, Oxford, ME IFPO Member #44172
J. Jefferson Gardner, Midlothian, VA IFPO Member #19343
Dennis Hodges, Kansas City, MO IFPO Member #27767
Ken Jorgensen, Glenview, IL IFPO Member #57234
Kendall Krebs, Pella, IA IFPO Member #40974
David C. Oliver, Reston, VA Member #41111
Paolo Pedicelli, Montreal, PQ Member #42271
Dennis Stephens, Jamaica, W. Indies IFPO Member #19277

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