IFPO photographer Keith Cephus, whose photos have graced the covers and pages of national magazines such as Jet, EM, Upscale, Shop Talk and many others, has launched FATHERHOOD the first in a series of a postcard collection.

"My goal is to exploit the joy and happiness that fatherhood brings," said Cephus. Famed attorney Johnnie Cochran has given the masterful postcards his endorsement during a visit to Norfolk State University. "These cards are dynamic pieces," says an elated Cochran.

Cephus is marketing the cards to one hundred and eighty colleges and universities plus fifty bookstores and hotels. In addition, several other card chains will also have an opportunity to distribute the cards. Currently, Cephus has his postcards in 12 states.

"So many doors have been opened for me," said Cephus, who just shipped one hundred cards to Houston, Texas. "The cards have enabled me to appear on national TV, my local newspaper and in Shop Talk.

"People have been very responsive to the cards but our vision must go beyond the external facet of the picturesque photograph. This postcard is a vehicle used to anoint men of all races, creeds and colors that fatherhood is not only imperative, but essential to human life." Keith Cephus, Norfolk, VA.

Exclusive Postcard Series

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